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How to Book More Clients with Pinterest

without Adding More

to Your Schedule


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What I am Covering:

01. How to reach thousands of people on Pinterest even if you have no followers.


02. How to create viral pins to reach your ideal client.


03. How to convert Pinterest visitors into leads in autopilot. 


Amanda O'Neill


“I never realized how incredible Pinterest can be as a business tool until this course. The content in the lessons is extremely straightforward and easy to learn - Alex gives great real-life examples that help you understand how each part of Pinterest works and how to apply that to your own content, no matter what field you are in. Normally after completing a course, I have an endless list of questions but the lessons are so comprehensive that instead, I was ready to apply all I had learned without needing any clarification. I cannot wait to see just how much this course is going to help my business.”

Hey, I am Alex!

I am Alejandra, but you can call me Alex.


I am a blogger, marketing strategist, and Pinterest expert. I have been using Pinterest to grow my blog and online business for years, and now I want to help you get more viewers, get more traffic, and get more sales.


I reach around 18 Million viewers with my Pinterest profile. And I want to use my knowledge to help you reach your audience, grow your business, and book clients in autopilot.


Let's make it happen!


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